Long-term Treatment of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis in... : Journal of

Hello. please, in this article I found information that some children can take vanco in short medical doses. does anyone have experience with this? tomorrow we go to the doctor, I want to give my daughter Vanco. thanks Veronika (czech republic)

I would recommend long-term from everything I read. My son has been on it since last July (6 year old). PSC-UC. His liver numbers were through the roof and now are mostly normalized and he is doing great.

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The article also indicates that long-term use is recommended.

Oral vancomycin is a long-term therapy. I can provide you with papers on this if you would like them. My daughter has been on vanco for 8+ years and all is normal.

Hello! My heart goes out to you and your child. Yes, vancomycin has been successful in kids with PSC. My son was diagnosed with Chron’s at age 13 and then with PSC a year later (after liver biopsy) at age 14. From what I’ve learned, the GGT is the lab that gives the most accurate indication of activity in the bile ducts. Prior starting Vanco, his GGT was very high, and immediately after taking it (I want to say like 3 weeks or so), it was back to normal levels. His doctor stopped the Vanco after a few months, GGT remained low for a while, and not it has increased to just above the normal level. She has him starting Vanco again. The doctors who lead the study at Stanford Hospital also recommend taking a specific probiotic for those with PSC. It’s called VSL#3. You might want to look into it, as well as into the studies at Stanford. We need to do all we can to keep this under control in our children. They have long lives to live!! Hope this helps. (BTW, we also follow a strick SCD diet over here, as we are trying to do all we can to keep our son healthy and well.)