Low Platelet Count-

I recently posted on the positive liver enzymes on my 5 year old son recently diagnosed with PSC-UC and overlap, but the one exception is his low platelets.

I want to start a new post on his low platelets to see if anyone has any thoughts/advice. I see from other posts that an enlarged spleen can reduce platelets, which he does have. Although his appearance (protruded stomach) has improved. His stomach does not stick out as much as before.

His initial tests in early July before any treatment showed 198K platelets (just below normal range of 202K-403K). His numbers bounced around between 150K and 190K over the first 5 weeks of treatment. But the last 3 tests over the last month have been the lowest (132, 135, and now 98). His steroids have decreased each week over this time frame. On the other hand, his highest numbers on platelets were initially before any steroid treatment.

His liver specialist indicated the most recent test might be an error if he had a runny nose (he has been a little stuffy) but I am not so sure. He does have some bruising (not unusual for boys as I have 4 of them), but it does appear he has more bruises than normal. No bleeding. Overall has very high energy, swims 3 hours straight, etc.

Other posts mentioned to also keep any eye out on hemoglobin and RBC count. Those numbers have always been in normal range.

Wanted to see if anyone has any advice on increasing platelets through diet or other medication. He is on an iron supplement.

Any other blood tests to watch out for that relates to the platelets? He has been getting full labs every week or two.


STL, psc generally produces lowered platelets, as the spleen absorbs them. Doctors generally don’t get concerned until the platelets get to 40K or so. Until then, was a non-issue with my doc.

Three years since transplant, by platelets are about 100. Still a non-issue.