Memory Loss, Confusion and Body Aches

Was diagnosed in 04 with UC and 09 with PSC. Seems like symptoms are getting worse. Constant dull ache on right side, confusion and Body Aches are the new norm as well. Doctor wants me to have a total hip replacement and I really don’t believe that I’m healthy enough to recover from the replacement. Is anyone else having these kind of problems or do you’ll think it may be something else causing my problems.

The dull aches on the right side are most certainly PSC related. Have you had your LFT’s run lately and if so what is your bilirubin and INR readings? When was the last time you had an ERCP done? You may very well be due for one from what you describe. Are you under the care of a hepatologist that is tied with a transplant center? If not, you need to see a hepatologist first before considering any form of surgery. It may put your liver in danger to go through that. Please check with the hepatologist first, rule out a blockage in the ducts before you proceed with hip surgery. We are here for you if we can help.

PSC 2011 / Liver Transplant 2015