Menstruation (near menopause) and increased PSC symptoms

I have done some internet research on the issue, but haven’t been able to find anything on the linkage between menstrual periods and increased PSC symptoms.

I am pre-menopausal (52) and have always suffered from cramps during my periods. Since being diagnosed with PSC, I have noticed that my PSC symptoms get worse and on the few occasions I tested my blood around this time, the LF markers were elevated.

My nausea gets bad as well as URQ pain and my stool lightens (I didn’t get nauseous prior to PSC).

I would think the hormones might lead to cramping all over, including the liver or somehow increases blockages.

Any other women experience this? Anyone aware of specific research on this?

Hi all those symptoms are normal for PSC or bile duct blockage. The lightened poo is standard, what darkens poo is bile and with blocked ducts it goes back into the liver thence bloodstream= jaundice.
Even if you have a blister the water will be yellowish.
If your periods are bad you have my sympathy my wife was relieved to have a hysterectomy to rid herself of those.
I’m no doc but don’t think the two are connected just damn unlucky to suffer x 2.
One thing do not use Ibuprofen as your pain killer it is not advised to be used by those with liver problems.
Good luck