Met Our Transplant Donor Family

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was a special day for me and my family in two ways. Firstly yesterday
was the 1 year anniversary of my liver transplant 7-23-2015. I cannot
begin to express how grateful I am for this precious gift of life. I
rejoice today because of God’s great grace and mercy upon my undeserving
life. Secondly, I met my donor family. It was quite an
emotional meeting for us all. As soon as I came into the room I headed
over to my donors mother and we just both wept and wept. This was the
very first time we met or had any communication outside the very
anonymous letter we both exchanged. There weren’t adequate words at
that moment to express how grateful we were for this precious gift,
while at the same time we mourned for their loss. Such a young man. He
was 20 years old at the time of his tragic death in an automobile accident he
was a passenger in.

I have attached a couple of photos. One is me with the donor family and
the other also includes those of my family who were able to be there
today. My wife, youngest daughter and my parents. We will never forget this day nor this family and their dear late son Markeith.


Liver Transplant 7-23-2015

Mark, what a wonderful and beautiful experience for you, and I have no doubt that the parents found some solace in meeting you as well.
You are blessed! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

PS You are looking GREAT. :blush:

Mark, that you have been able to celebrate and share this moment together is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your uplifting story. JulesG

Hello, Mark.

My husband and I applaud you, and your caregivers efforts in getting you to the place you are today. You’re looking happy and healthy, friend. Congratulations on celebrating your one year anniversary transplant anniversary!

Our donor chose not to reply to our anonymous letter. I wish that they had, with all my heart I truly do but I respect their choice and try to understand it… What a surreal moment it would have been to meet our Donor’s family. Knowing that your family and the Donor’s family were able to have this moment puts a huge smile on both of our faces. My husband and I are so very touched by the idea you were able to say the words, ‘thank you’ and by the bittersweet idea of the Donor’s family feeling some sense of purpose in their child’s life being taken so soon. I imagine it was a unforgettable moment. Thank you for sharing this moment with us.

He knows the plan and He makes no mistakes!
Praise the Lord for your recovery and the open hearts of your Donor’s family!

God Bless.


First of all congratulations for your 1 year transplant anniversary. I wish you many such anniversary’s in the future. Seenie is right - you are looking great :slight_smile:

What a precious moment that must have been able to meet your donor family. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks Gloria for your kind words. Yes it was a meeting we will never forget. The family was so accepting of us despite their great loss. We will be forever grateful for the opportunity. You might try writing another letter if it has been some time since your first one. I’m sure your transplant hospital will forward it on through the appropriate channels. The donor family may be ready now. It may be worth considering. Take care.


Thanks for your kind words and it’s good to hear from you. I trust you are doing better since your major surgery.
Yes, we had a very precious moment with these dear people. Thanks for the well wishes of looking great. I have been truly blessed. My wife and I had our picture taken yesterday at a special event at our church. I thought you might enjoy this one. I’ve filled out nicely since the days prior to transplant.


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Mark, you really do look well: what stands out for me is the healthy colour of your complexion. Not to mention the radiant smile!

Thanks for your kind comment. I’ve been truly blessed with much improved health since my transplant.


It’s 2017, I am fairly new to the PSC support group. What a encouraging story Mark!
God is good… Thank you for being a moderator, and giving advice and counsel.

Thank you Ali for your comments. The Lord surely is good and has been so merciful to me through these years of this disease and now a transplant. Please let us know in any way we might be of help to you in your journey with this life-changing illness. Take care.


I gave myself a sudo name, if you would pray for me, my name is Marina, I would be grateful.
I have no symptoms yet, other than high alt, ast and gamma GT , slightly elevated bilirubin and some days fatigue.
I work with the elderly and see everyday what disease does to the body. So I realize life is not always easy for so many wonderful people. I feel grateful for my life and what God is doing for me.
Thanks Mark

I will most certainly pray as you have requested. Please stay in touch with our group and let us know how you are doing. Take care.