Methotrexate vs Humira Vs Cellcept

Hi All- My 19 yo girl has been treated by Vanco for her PSC for the past 7 years. Successfully most of the time. She also has UC and Uveitis. For the Uveitis she has been treated with steroid drops (topical) for the past 4 years. But now her Uveitis expert Dr explained we need to consider methotrexate orHumira or Cellcept or Imuran, because her Uveitis is getting more severe (2 cells in each eye) and early signs of cataract are visible. So according to the Dr she needs to be taken off the drops otherwise she risks cataract surgery, or worse Glaucoma.

We are very afraid helping her eyes with either methotrexate or Humira or Cellcept might adversly impact her liver (or gut…) which is now relatively calm for over 9 months. So my question to fellow forumites: If you have experience good or bad with methotrexate or Humira or Cellcept, can you share? Many thanks- Gil.

Hello Grose,
I’ll be glad to address your question from my own experience. After my liver transplant I was put on Prograf and Cellcept as part of my anti-rejection regimen. I was on the Cellcept for about 6 months and then started having some digestive issues. They subsequently did a colonoscopy and found that the Cellcept had started to do some damage to my Ilium. So they decided to switch out the Cellcept for MyFortic. MyFortic is in the same drug family as Cellcept but it’s a time release formulation. I have done so much better since then and am now 3 years post transplant. Hope that helps. I wish your daughter well.


thx Mark. Any insight into to biologics vs chemo debate- which is less harmfull to liver and gut?