More Positive Days than Negative!

I wanted to share that today, for the first time since last October, I forgot all about my PSC and other health issues. I feel lighter, more positive and confident, almost happy. And I’ve missed feeling happy.

For all of you that have read and or commented on my anger, frustrations, and fears - thank you. The veil of isolation is lifting bit by bit. It is like when we are sick and then one day we are like, wow, I’m not sick anymore and I feel great… we had forgotten what it felt like to feel great. Same feeling today - even if I’m fighting a low grade form of the flu… go figure huh, but what a great sign of what’s to come when the flu lifts too!

So, thank you all for surrounding me in your support and thoughts. And thank you all for sharing your stories. As much as they freak me out at times, I’m learning so much and not just what to expect but how to Live, really Live.

Happy Friday everyone and here’s to Good Days!

Dear MzzP,
What a refreshing word from you today. You have been in my thoughts and prayers much in recent days. I’m so glad today has been brighter for you. Just take one day at the time, and face it as it comes to you. You have genuine caring friends in this forum who are here to support you in any way we can. Have a wonderful weekend.


Hi Mark,
It felt good to have a moment of Peace. So, thank you.