MRCP Results


I have had liver disease for 10 years. The doctors have never been able to give a distinct diagnosis. They have discussed the possibility of PSC and seem to believe that is it.

I recently had a MRCP (without contrast) and the results came back relatively normal. Has anyone else had a negative MRCP, but still have the diagnosis of PSC?


YES!! My MRCP was normal and they have given me the definite diagnosis. I struggle with accepting the diagnosis due to that. My biopsy results showed very little damage as well... Stage 0-1. Do you have UC?? I feel like the doctors are assuming that I have PSC due to the UC... I'm pretty sure they're right, its just hard for me to accept... I don't know.

I appreciate you letting me know that your results were normal as well. I have had 3 biopsies that have shown very little damage (like you). I was hospitalized last October and diagnosed with UC. I have had the liver issues (with an unsure diagnosis for 10 years, but the UC for only less than a year. I understand you having trouble accepting the diagnosis. I have numerous health issues including Cerebral Palsy and have a more difficult time with the unsure diagnosis than if they would tell me they have a definite diagnosis. Good luck with everything. Please feel free to contact me at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ if you want to talk more.

I had an MRCP 10 years ago and that is when they diagnosed me with PSC. However, I had no symptoms other than my enzymes where extremely high. It has been 9 years and still no change. I have to wonder if I've been miss diagnosed. I have an appointment with a new specialist so I'm sure to be put through all the tests again. This time, I'll be better prepared with questions.