My 2nd ercp

Dear members
This is my first post here I was diagnosed with psc two years ago after having fever and chill and stomach pain went to the hospital and the bilirubin level was around 5 - then asked for mrcp and discovered my extra and intrahepatic dialation and stones I was shoked and also have multiple stones in the CBD and only one 15 mm stone in gallbladder
I did my first ercp July 2017 and removed 4 stones from CBD my 2nd ercp was last Saturday and removed 7 stones !!
My doctor after my 2nd ercp tell me that we may have to remove the gallbladder
I am very afraid to remove it did any one with psc removed his gallbladder

Thanks for your post. I’m glad the doctors were able to remove all those stones. Your bile should flow much better now hopefully. Are you under the care of a hepatologist or just an ordinary GI doctor? If just GI, you really need to be with a hepatologist. I was always told that they try and avoid removing gallbladder unless absolutely needed due to the additional strain it will put on the already diseased liver in going through such a surgery. If your hepatologist says you need to though, I’d certainly go with his/her recommendations.
I was fortunate to be able to leave mine in till my transplant.


With my psc, I think I had 3, maybe 4 drops. At no time pre -ransplant did anyone mention taking my gallbladder. But everyone is different, and every situation is different.

With a liver transplant, the gall bladder is removed.

Yep…had my Gallbladder and left side of liver removed (partial hepatectomy) due to blockage in left hepatic duct which they couldn’t dilate (too far up the hepatic tree). Risk of CC with bile in stasis. Few issues post op including hernia but, no specific liver issues.

I am with the same hepatologist who did my 1st and 2nd ercp he asked me to make u/s and lap tests and to visit him after 2 week I will discuss with him the removing of the gallbladder because the mrcp is showing only one big stone 15 mm with the same size since my last mrcp Sept 2017
I know the gallbladder issue is not the main my intrahepatic biliary is showing stones I guess it’s due to the psc and the leak of bile flow - I hope that removing all this stones will make a flow for the bile and make me feel better
Thx Mr mark

Hope you’re feeling better now - did the remaining part of the liver regenerate it self after hepatectomy and grow back ?

The liver doesn’t grow back apparently but the rest of your liver gets bigger if that makes sense. ALP came back down to normal after op and now hovers around 160.

My husband was diagnosed with PSC in 2012,
They took out his gallbladder as a precaution it could became cancer, don’t be afraid to have it done it is a precaution.
Best of luck.

Linda wife of PSC patient

Hi akram,

Just my experience…I had a doctor and a surgeon really pushing me to remove my gallbladder prior to my PSC diagnoses. I went to see a new Gastro doc for another opinion and he diagnosed PSC and began to treat me for that with urso. Still have my gall bladder ten years later. I was unbelievably lucky to find a GI in a small town that had a lot of experience with PSC.

I am currently very close to being listed for transplant.

Good luck to you.

Getting your gallbladder out is a very simple procedure. I had 3 about 1" incisions when I woke up. I didn’t feel like I had anything done, except no more gallbladder attacks. One thing some people have after this procedure is explosive bowel movements. They usually decrease with time, though. Good luck!

Glad to hear that you are doing well now
I hope my liver works well to flow bile after removing the gallbladder I have another issue the mrcp show intrahepatic stones I guess they are moving to CBC and that’s explains the multiple stones that was removed at the Ercp (that’s my opinion) I just hope to do well anyway

I’ve been diagnosed with PSC since 2001, and had my gall bladder out in 2014. As others have said, it’s very minor surgery - I had three tiny incisions, one of which is in my belly button where it’s not even visible. I’ve had no ill effects from the removal, and it’s nice knowing for certain that any bile duct blockage I have isn’t from stones in the gall bladder.

As long as your GI or hepatologist is ok with it, I’d say go ahead with the surgery.