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Good evening fscmmark sir,
No I never had ERCP test. Till date from March 2021 last I am only in homeopathic medicine. My food intake are very strictly controlled. No milk nor milk products,no non veg food, maximum boiled foods, lemon juice everyday, walking around 2.5 km Everyday,
Only olive oil,no raw foods like cucumber, broccoli etc,only boiled apples, some times pomegranate. Everyday my prayer to my lord Jesus and blessings from him and my parents. Thank you so much sir for your valuable suggestions.

Hi spchikudas,

Hope you are doing good now. Alternate medicine is needs more study and research. How are you doing now with Homeopathic Medicines and Ayurveda. Kindly post updates.

Sorry sir for replying late.

I had started homeopathic medicines from March 23,2021 and continued till may 6,2021. During this period my lft reports were found to be good. My bilirubin level got down from 16.9 to 4.7…

Every day till now also I am doing regularly yoga for one hour. But unfortunately on 7th may, 2021 I was admitted in hospital for 9 days due to high temp and liquid stool with blood. I was given 3 bottles of blood. All test like mrcp, colonoscopy, endoscopy were done. Dr said ulcerative colitis has exaggerated much. So I had to stop all homeopathic medicines and now continuing allopathic medicines as usual.

Homeopathic medicines which I had taken for more than approx 45 days were

*Mercurious Solubilis 30

*Mercurious Corrosivus 30

*Hydrastis Canadensis Q

*Myrica Cerifera Q

*R7 drop

*Andrographis Paniculata Q

*Albies Nigra 30 CH

*NUX vomica 200CH

*Ceanithus Americanus Q

Thank You.

Hello Chiku and VJ. You will notice that I have given your discussion about homeopathy and ayurveda its own thread in the Complementary Therapies section of our PSC community.

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Seenie from ModSupport

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