Nausea and bloating

Hi all - can you tell me what helps with your nausea, bloating and belching. Over the last 10 months or so I have been getting more nausea and bloating than ever before. When I’m having a bad episode I don’t feel like eating at all in the morning and then I get hungry and am afraid to eat. I go for stuff like crackers, pretzels or cereal. Not much health value but it’s sometimes hard to eat a normal meal. Any natural aids or over the counter that may provide some relief? Thanks!

Prilosec helps my husband twice a day everyday.
Not over the counter, prescription.

Best of luck!

Here are just a few thoughts that might help.

  • Nausea - Get the doctor to write a prescription for Zofran. They make it in both regular pills and chewables.
  • For the bloating and belching I would take start taking Gas-X. You can get it in the generic form, Simethicone. Take one or two capsules as needed according to package directions.
  • If you are drinking soft drinks on a regular basis, try cutting those out. They will cause bloating and gas, etc. It really affected me pre-transplant.
  • I know sometimes some foods you just don’t want. When the disease progresses to a point you just have to eat what you feel like eating just to maintain your strength. It’s important to maintain a good protein intake. Finally, try cutting back on salt intake. That might help with the bloating as well.

Good luck and keep fighting to stay well!

PSC 2011 / Liver Transplant 2015

I like to make my own ginger beer (there’s no alcohol, the name is misleading). It’s basically a natural less sugary version of ginger ale. You’ll be able to find tons of recipes on google. I do suggest mixing it with Lime or Lemon La Croix so it’s a little fizzy. I also try to use honey, preferably local, to sweeten it a little. Hope this helps!

Thanks for all the suggestions. I do take 40 mg of Prilosec every morning and it does keep my heartburn at bay. I picked up some Ginger pills today and took a couple Gas-x. That seemed to do the trick! Thanks again!

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I would also recommend snacking/grazing throughout the day, instead of eating a breakfast, lunch and dinner.

While that helped me when my appetite fell off a cliff, I did not have the symptoms you have, but I hope it helps.

A good reminder. I do feel better when I do that! Thanks!

wait wait wait. You don’t need medication for this kind of thing.

Firstly i’m an anaesthetic doctor who deals with nausea all day long. The issue with PSC and cirrhosis is that there is delayed gastric emptying. This means that the contents of the stomach stay in the stomach for ages rather than moving along into the bowel shortly after it enters the stomach like its supposed to.

I used to get it really badly, and people aren’t exactly sure of the underlying mechanism, but essentially almost all of the bowel’s movements come under control of the autonomic nervous system, which is mostly controlled by the vagus nerve.

The sight, smell, taste and chewing of food all wake up the vagus nerve and tell it to start preparing the bowel for incoming food (as well as empty the stomach). The single most effective thing that i found with bloating on nausea after eating was chewing gum!

Not only that but if you eat this gigantic meal of meat and starchy carbs you’re going to make things a lot more difficult for yourself. If you eat more slowly, and eat foods higher in fibre, you’re going to make things a lot easier for yourself.

Not only that but food combinations play an important role as well. I have to say since going vegetarian i’ve never had an issue with delayed gastric emptying and nausea and bloating. On the rare occasion i have had meat it feels like it sits in my stomach aaaalllllllll day and it feels crap. Try to cut out meat if you really want to be rid of the problem. But in general mixing proteins with carbohydrates tends to lead to more fermentation (i.e. gas formation) that eating predominantly protein or carbohydrates on their own.

Seriously, try eating more slowly, and in smaller amounts throughout the day (don’t let yourself get hungry because if you’re anything like me thats when you’ll devour your food in 10 seconds flat like a hungry wolf and then feel like crap afterwards), and chew chewing gum afterwards and concentrate on food groups (less meat, more vegetables i’m afraid to say). Your problem is one that is trying to tell you to concentrate on your food and eating habits.


Thank you for that insight. This is something new I’m dealing with but I have found ginger and gas-x helps me a lot and I also chew gum every day. I also very reluctantly just cut out coffee which would really upset my stomach so I made myself cut it out and substitute green tea which is probably better in the long run anyway. :slight_smile: