Neck sweats, when you have a blockage?

I was diagnosed with PSC in 10/2008. In 10/2015 MRCP showed blockage in common bile duct and others. Had an ERCP. The end of March I started having neck sweats (had them prior to 2015 as well). In May, I had another MRCP showing blockages again. ERCP two weeks later. Three weeks ago, I started having neck sweats again, so going in again for MRCP tomorrow. Along with this, I do have mild liver pain. In October, with several blockages, I had electrical shock type pain. Just wondering if others had similar symptoms. I follow this site, first time to ask a question.

Well, I had my MRCP today and found out that I have the same blockages as I had in May, so I will find out on Monday what the next step is. It looks like I may be the only one with this symptom. It is amazing that my labs come back normal, and I have several blockages, yet my body “alerts” me with these neck sweats. I’m really glad for this forum.

No neck sweats for me, but my body had its own set of consistent cues whenever I had a blockage/infection. For me it was a couple days of headaches and low grade itching followed for a purge from both ends, always at 4 in the morning. At that point I needed to get some antibiotics or life would be pretty miserable (ERCPs no longer worked). It has been years since this has happened but I still get stressed out if I wake up and the clock reads 4.

Thanks, jtb! It is very encouraging to know we have cues to help us figure it out, even when our labs are okay.

Never have had a psc-induced sweat. In the middle of a cholangitis attack, I knew that chills were not far away but they never reared their ugly head.