Opinions on getting Prevanar and Phnumomax 23 vaccines

Should PSC patients get pneumonia vaccines?

YES. Especially if you anticipate a transplant in the near future. Before transplant you need to be sure you have had both pneumonia vaccines. The first one and the booster. Also, the Shingles vaccine as you cannot get that one after transplant since it is a live virus vaccine. You will also want to get the Hepatitis A & B which are available in one injection. You have to get a booster for that one a month or two later. All these very important.



I am just going over Phillips vaccine record and he has not had the Hep A vaccine. He is a ER nurse. We should add it to our list.

Yes, that will be important for him to get. He will have to be super careful post-transplant working as an ER nurse if he continues that. Not sure what the protocol is on that but being immune suppressed has it’s challenges and keeping away from germs is a top priority. Not saying it is impossible, but it will be challenging.

I make it a practice since my transplant to not shake hands with anyone at least on a regular basis. If I do in the course of business I always wash my hands soon after. It’s a necessary thing though to keep the risk for infection as low as possible. Even though your immune suppression over a course of years is reduced more and more, you are still immune suppressed and are very susceptible to infection. I get a sinus or bronchial infection at least twice a year.
But…all that’s fine when you think about the alternative of not being here to live a full life after transplant, and that’s what we are hoping for your dear son should that day come for him. It’s just getting use to another way of living and once you are in that new way you will make it! Take care.