OPTN/UNOS Board approves updated liver distribution system

I just heard of this decision tonight. It has been in the works for sometime now, but this article is posted on the UNOS web site. I’d encourage all to read.


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Mark, how will they get the donor organ to the patient before it deteriorates? Also, I have been hoping for a MELD modification for PSC patients. I’m disappointed if I am reading this right.

This decision has been one that many in the transplant community have been very concerned about. I do know they have these little circulation pumps that they can pump the preserving fluid through the organ constantly until it reaches the patient, but still that to me is not ideal. I can understand if you have a status one patient and they have to have that organ “now” from where ever one can be found, but to stretch that out to include the regular pool of patients on the list is concerning.
I’m sure this change and the outcomes it will produce will be closely monitored. Hopefully we will know more in the days ahead. I had just come across the article when I posted it the other week so I haven’t thoroughly read over all the details of this ruling. Hopefully our other members here will chime in on what they are finding out and we will have a good amount of information we all can benefit from.

Take Care Paul and I trust you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!