Oral vancomycin, ursodeoxycholic acid or no therapy for pediatric primary sclerosing cholangitis: a matched analysis

This retrospective study of PSC patients found no therapeutic benefit from Vancomycin or UDCA compared to no treatment. https://aasldpubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/hep.31560

I think this is probably the largest sample size in a Vanco study thus far, although not a RCT. I was surprised to see the result based on all of the promising antidotal evidence I’ve seen on this site and my own experience with lab improvements after only a month of treatment with Vancomycin. Have those taking it long term experienced continued benefit?

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Hi Cody! I think the patient pool must be skewed somehow. The study was only conducted during one year, but still the 5 year survival rate that they reported was double for vanco patients vs untreated patient. That makes me believe that the vanco patients were a lot sicker from the beginning and thus not a fair comparison to the untreated patients.


FYI, this ‘study’ is discussed in this thread as well with similar concerns expressed. "Study" on Vanco

Thanks for the heads up!

I respectfully completely disagree with this study. My 19yo daughter was transitioning to chirrosis, had cancer markers and LFTs 10x normal etc and, after starting vanco, had totally normal bloodwork up (except vitamin D) after 6 weeks. AND, after 6 months, her fibroscan showed a normal liver. Maybe it was because she was young, maybe because she had small duct PSC, maybe any other of reasons, but vanco is the only reason my daughter and I don’t have to worry anymore. I highly recommend anyone to give it a try for six weeks and see. No side effects, no built up tolerance for vancomycin, none of the other worries that we hear of. It may not work for all, but I can promise it has worked for one so I disagree completely with this study and hope it doesn’t dissuade other from pursuing it.

Thanks for your post. I’m very glad it has helped your daughter keep her PSC in check. Over the years it does seem that we hear more of this helping younger people that those of us with some age. I hope she has many more years of good numbers. May she live life to its fullest!


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