Sometimes I don’t know what to do for this abdominal pain that I get all across my upper abdanmin and down the left side. I keep getting sharp shooting burning pains which at times last hours to days. I honestly don’t know what to do and the pain medication that I am on does not touch the pain. It really stinks when my abdamin and artheritis and fibromyalgia pain gains up on me and I can’t move. I wish there was more I knew to do other than lie here and be in pain. My doctor wont give me anything else for the pain due to my liver disease. I don’t get doctors sometimes. Ugh I feel like crap and wish this damn pain would go away. (Sorry for the language) I am very frustrated and just want pain relief and not to feel so sick. :frowning: If anyone has any suggestions I am open to them…

hi - no sure if this will be of help but have you been tested for gastro inflammation alongside any liver problems?my son was recently diagnossed with inflammatory disease of both bile duct and intestine and had the most horrible pain - the two conditions lay often side by side - good luck - my son is on mesalazine for the gastro inflammation

Thank you. I am going through more testing on the 16th of this month so hopefully they will figure more out then. I am not sure about the inflamation and how bad everything really is yet. I do know I am in the beginning stages of cirhosis.