Pancreatic Pain

I have had pain about two or three inches from my sternum…about where the pancreas is. It has come and gone, sometimes radiating to back, but doesn’t seem to be getting better. I was just on antibiotics for a cholangitis attack about 10 days ago (finished antibiotics 3 days ago).

This is new to me…any suggestions from anyone that has had similar symptoms?



Is it radiating around your right side or left?


The right side of the back when it does, which isn’t often.
Sternum area is sore to the touch, uncomfortable otherwise.

Regarding your pain that radiates around the right side, when was the last time you had an ERCP done? What is your current bilirubin level? It might be your body telling you that you have a blockage and with the recent cholongitis attack, it could very well be the case. I’d have it checked out.


My bilirubin is at .7…was a little jaundice before I was given antibiotics for my last attack.

I have never had an ERCP, have my first scheduled for Thursday. The pain came back intermidantly when I stopped the antibiotics…do you think that the bacterial colangitis didn’t completely clear up?

That’s a possibility. You’ll certainly know more after Thursday.