Post-Transplant Covid Vaccine

A very warm hello and lots of wishes to all the nice people on this platform.

I am honored to be a part of this group there is so much to learn new everyday.

We are currently waiting for our Vaccine dose against covid in India. But I am worried if it comes to my turn what side effects the Vaccine is going to bring. And more importantly, post vaccination what are the chances of covid infection.

My transplant was done in 2019. So it’s roughly 2 years post transplant. There is not much help from the people around me on this topic so hoping to reach out to this forum to learn and understand the negative effects of covid Vaccine on transplant patients.

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I just did a search through this site and came up with a number of threads on the topic. The following seems to have an overview of some transplant patients’ experiences.

You can also search COVID and find other threads.

The following link was also noted in a post which might provide some information as well.

I hope this helps!

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Hello, I am in my third year post transplant. I received the Pfizer shot and had very mild symptoms. The first shot gave minor body ache whilst the second one felt a little extra ache for a day. Due to the immono suppression meds we take I believe it counter acts hence the less effect. Not sure what others experienced but I was told by my doctor it’s better to take it as it will reduce the blow COVID gives and save you from hospitalization. Hope that helps.