PPI's for heartburn

I have long taken a PPI for heartburn. I had gallbladder pancreatitis in Feb 2012. They removed my gall bladder. I felt better almost immediately. I had several prescriptions at the time. When I got sick I had to stop taking all meds. As I got feeling better, I started reintroducing them. All of my symptoms went away. After I started taking my PPI, my symptoms of pancreatitis came back. I stopped taking them. I decided to test it, so I started taking my PPI again. I started feeling sick again, so I stopped again. Symptoms went away. I tried it again, same results. I did some research and found out that Omeprazole has a very small chance to cause my symptoms. I am now getting sick again. My suspicion is that Omeprazole caused damage to my liver. I have not been diagnosed with PSC. The symptoms line up. Only symptom I don’t have now is jaundice. Just started having symptoms of asictes. Just started having whole body itching. My question is, how many of you were on PPI’s for heartburn prior to being diagnosed. I have researched PPI’s recently. It appears that there is new research that suggests PPI’s cause liver damage. I am not saying to stop taking PPI’s. Consult your Dr. about that. I am trying to gather some info on how common PPI use in liver disease patients. I currently take ranitidine. It doesn’t work as well as a PPI, but it does help. Please post any info you may have to share.

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I took omeprazole prior to an operation and I was suffering from a whole load of side effects. I was also on acetazolamide and I’m almost convinced that’s what has caused the problems with my gallbladder (due to be removed next month) and I have everything crossed that it is what has caused the problems with my liver and now I’m off of them it will return to normal. Beading was seen on my MRCP but I’m hoping that this was inflammation and it will go away…

I asked the GI specialist if it could have been caused by medication but was told definitely not but I don’t think they realise the effects these medications can have on different people.

Hope you’re keeping ok now.