Psc and ocd or overthinking

Hi all
I AM newly diagnosed with small duct psc.
Is there any relation between pcsychological personality of people and PSC? I think it may just occurs in nervous people with overthinking or OCD.

Dear Mahmoud,

Welcome to our PSC community. Regarding PSC and psychological personalities of people, to my knowledge there is no connection between the two. I got PSC and I’m certainly not a nervous type person or have OCD tendencies.

Feel free to ask more questions as they come to you. We are here to assist in any way we can.


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Ha - makes sense you would correlate the two given your nature! I don’t have PSC but my brother does and he does not fit that description at all. He has 3 autoimmune diseases however and I sometimes can’t help but wonder if they’re connected to a long history of internalization. Just chiming in…

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Speaking for myself, I was about as far from OCD or psychological issues as one could get. I was also in great physical shape… it’s just that my liver numbers (recorded in blood donations) kept going up. Then came the itching, then the fatigue, then the pain… and then the diagnosis of PSC, then Crohn’s, then neuropathy. Now it seems like I’m in a different universe. Psychologically, things are also much different with doubts (am I really hurting this bad, or am I just imagining… or maybe just making it up to get sympathy?), some very definite OCD characteristics (there is only certain ways I can take medicine, or do chores, or live my life anymore… just to be halfway functional)… and yes, there are days where the pain and frustration combine to cause me to cry. Yes, cry.
So I guess you could say there is a psychological component to PSC… created BY PSC.
I often wonder how others make it through this PSC (or Crohn’s, or neuropathy) journey. For myself, I am encouraged by my family, and especially by my God, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Bible also comforts me and helps keep me from going off the deep end:

  • “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me…” (Psalm 23:4).
  • “Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, rejoice.” (Phil 4:4).
  • " Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Josh 1:9).
    Psychological issues causing PSC? I don’t think so. PSC causing psych issues…? Yeah, who wouldn’t be a little psycho with all that PSC brings. And if you feel a little too psycho, let me encourage you to turn to my rock, my salvation… Jesus Christ.

I think the only way to overcome such a this horrible disease is supernatural power of faith in GOD.
I want to try it there is no choice for me . But i can get closer to my God by pure worship and it may happen that he decides to heal me …
Be faithful.

I wish all of PSCers live long time . Here is mystic poem of Mulana Rumi the greates persian mystic that could calm anxious souls.

Go and die, go and die,
In this love, go and die.
Once you’ve died in this love,
You shall receive the spirit.

Go and die, go and die,
Don’t fear death, go and die.
Go and leave this dusty earth,
Go fly up high into the sky.

Go and die, go and die,
Go cut yourself loose
From your own selfish ego.
Which is the shackles that
Holding you forever captive.

Go and grab an ax,
and dig a huge hole
into the prison of your own being.
Once you’ve torn down
the walls of your inner prison,
You shall become a prince or a king.

Go and die, go and die
Right in front of your beautiful King.
Once you’ve died for your King,
You shall become a royalty or celebrity.

Go and die, go and die,
Go rise up high
above your own darkest clouds.
Once you’ve risen above your clouds,
You shall become a brightly shining moon.

Be silent, be silent,
For Silence is the breath of death.
But Silence is also the breath of life,
So stop moaning and complaining
About Silence!

Nice poem.

Hi Mahmoud,
I have small duct Psc too. I often wondered if there was a mental health link after I started having my symptoms when I was going through a tough time with some personal/work issues. As well as going down the conventional medical route, I have also been seeing an Ayurvedic doctor who says that unresolved emotions can get trapped in the liver. However there is no evidential link that i am aware of in western medicine between mental state and Psc. I try to keep an open mind to all viewpoints when it comes to Psc and get help where I can!

Hi Rick
You are right.
There is no treatment for psc.
Every way that you may take advantage, should be tested.
Modern treatment can not cure psc.
God bless you.