PSC and unexplained hip pain

Has anyone else with PSC suffered with unexplained hip pain? Phillip is an ER nurse, but he doesn’t remember a specific injury. It has been going on for four months now. It was a gradual onset

How is his bone density and has he had a DEXA scan? Many of us end up with osteoporosis due to PSC, IBD, and/or steroids.

He had a bone density test last week. It was fine

Hm. I have had hip pain. So far I haven’t noticed any other symptoms… it’s all just been blood work results and MRI that showed having PSC. I had Ulcerative Colitis, have a J Pouch and have been battling recurring pouchitis. Taking antibiotics regularly.

Does he have ulcerative colitis as well? If so, he should speak to his IBD doc about the hip pain-could be related to this disease state.

Yes. He is in deep tissue remission as of his colonoscopy last week. His Gastroenterologist has suggested Celebrex, but it was red flagged because of a reaction to Lialda 8 years ago. We are going to Mayo in Rochester, MN next week.

I had sudden onset of pain in my left hip after being diagnosed with psc. After X-rays it showed osteoarthritis at a low grade but within 18 month’s it had increased to advanced stage. I have since had a hip replacement and has significantly reduced my pain however have been told that I could experience pain and further deterioration in other joints.

PSC takes a toll on our vitamin A, D, E and K levels. Glad his bone density test was good. I do not know if UC has any effect on bone density. Anyone have any experience with this?

I don’t have any experience with the UC part, but I did suffer with bone density loss before transplant while living with PSC and they did another scan one year post-transplant and still some more deterioration. I’m on Vitamin K-2, Vitamin D3 and E. Also am taking Testosterone injections once a week to help with bone density issues as well. My T score was very low post transplant and my doctors said that was also a contributing factor to bone density issues.