Psc itch

hi. my name is noor. my wife has been diagnosed with psc 3 months ago. we need help with finding something that will help with the itching. it is driving her crazy and is at the worst at night and she barely gets any sleep. she is currently taking zyrtec and this does not help at all.

Hello, Noor. Questran powder was prescribed to relieve the Pruritus on our end. Take baths, soak, perhaps use Epsom salt and try to keep your skin hydrated. Best of luck in finding what works for you.

Zyrtec is not supposed to be taken if you have liver problems. You may want to check

with your Dr. about it.

Cholestyramine has helped me most of the time. Avoiding fatty foods has helped. Urso made it worse for me.

When it get really bad I take a 1/4 of a prescribed antihistamine.

Good luck...

Questran definitely helps. So do baths. Itching worse at night is common.