PSC patients' Experience with Pruritis and Astrazeneca COVID Vaccine

I have been privy to some information about potential side-effects associated with the variety of vaccines and note that only the Astra Zenenca vaccine notes pruritis as one of the potential side-effects.

I am hoping that I will have an opportunity to choose an alternative vaccine (we are pretty slow with vaccination in this part of Canada) but was wondering whether anyone here has had THIS vaccine and whether they have experienced pruritis as a result.

As pruritis is common with PSC (and that I am currently experiencing it), I don’t want to confound things by taking a vaccine (if given a choice between others) that will exacerbate pruritis.

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I’ve taken two doses of the Moderna vaccine. The first one resulted in a very sore arm. The second one gave me a fever of 99.6 about 24 hours after the injection, but it went away by the next morning. So, long story short, in my own experience, there weren’t any unusual side effects.

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Hi Birdy. I’ve had the 1st dose of the Oxford AZ vaccine. I did feel rough for a couple of days afterwards. Had a fever the 1st night and felt really tired for a few days. I’ve had a 2nd liver transplant so I’m on large amounts of immune suppressants and did expect to feel it. In the past I’ve suffered with severe pruritus, damaging my skin by scratching. Thankfully this wasn’t a side effect I had with the vaccine. I was desperate to get the vaccine as I’ve been shielding for a year, except for having the 2nd transplant in the 1st lockdown. My Transplant Consultants advised me to have it done, I was on the clinically vulnerable list so had it early February. I think I’d have felt rough with any brand of the vaccine to be honest but that’s not stopping me from having the 2nd dose. Good luck :blush:

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I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine a few days ago. About 24 hours later I was exhausted and had a fever of about 100.3. woke up the next morning feeling fine. Hope this helps! Ps I’m a 46 year old male.

I’m over 65 and also had both doses of the Moderna vaccine. Several hours after the first dose I developed a sore arm and itching around the vaccine site. Both lasted about a day and were not too bothersome. It was similar after the second dose only milder. The main difference was that I felt kind of strange the day after dose #2. It was all tolerable. My husband’s symptoms were similar but he felt more wiped the next day, and he’s not the one with PSC.

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Thanks both of you for responding. I really appreciate it and am glad to hear you are both well.

I forgot that AZ vaccine is not approved for the US at least. I wasn’t too worried about the other vaccines as only AZ mentions pruritis as a potential side effect.

Hopefully, by the time I get the vaccine…maybe mid July – i will actually have a choice ;).

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Thank you for posting and glad to hear you are okay.

I know there aren’t guarantees about side effects and everyone is different but nice to see someone didn’t have the pruritis side effect from AZ. This is the one that will most likely be offered to me when theybreach my age cohort. I don’t think inwill have the option for another one of the vaccines being offered here in BC, Canada.

My buddy had a transplant in November of 2018. He did the Moderna shot 1 without ANY issues beyond sore arm. Shot two in a week or so.

His team at University of Washington had him wait. He got the go ahead a couple weeks ago. They recommended ONLY the Pfizer or Moderna.

My hep is has no issues with non transplanted PSCers. I don’t know her opinion on transplanted PSCers.

I got my 1st AZ shot 2 weeks back. Side effects were only a one-day fever and that was it. My PSC is rather mild and I am one of those who doesn’t have the accompanying IBD.
I am an immunologist by profession and the COVID-situation has become my major field within the last year. So far there are no counterindications known for PSC patients or other autoimmune/autoinflammatory conditions
People with these conditions are however, likely to be in the risk groups for COVID. So yeah, like it was mentioned in one of the posts in another discussion here, I also rather take my chances with the vaccine:).


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Thank you for your reply.

As noted in my post, I definitely wouldn’t forgo a vaccine but was wondering if anyone had the pruritis as a side effect from AZ.

I am way down the line for any vaccine but might be able to opt for one over the other because I won’t be able to get one until July most likely.

Glad your PSC is minor…I too am fortunate that my liver is still good too.