PSC Transplantee

Hi everyone!

My name’s Kamil and I have only registered with the forum. Came here to look for answers. I’ve been diagnosed with PSC in 2014 but must’ve had it since childchood or teens now when I reflect on symptoms. My PSC has been progressing rapidly and after 3 episodes of bacterial cholangitis I had a transplant on 27th April in England. I am recovering now and still have some complications. I am also suffering from ulcerative colitis, sarcoidosis and waiting to be diagnosed for coeliac disease. The healthcare in England is exceptionally good and I am lucky to be here.

Best of health to everyone

Kamil, congrats on the transplant. Sorry you are having complications; sometimes the body takes some time to figure out just what the %%**& happened to it.

There are quite a few members here who also have UC, so I hope they can help you adjust to life post-pac while dealing with UC.