PTSD in transplant recipients

Hello friends,

Anyone out there dealt with PTSD like symptoms after transplant? My husband and I feel as though we pushed that chapter of our lives down deep, to forget about it and pretend it didn’t happen, and as a result, we’ve created a callous over the years (tx 2015). I feel like I am in a fog at times, and he feels the same.

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Gloria –
I know from my own experiences (without having had a Tx) that medical procedures, even relatively routine ones, and medical uncertainty, and pain and so on, can be very traumatic. Of course a Tx is about the most invasive medical procedure there is. So it makes sense that you and your husband are traumatized. I strongly support you both in seeking counseling, specifically counseling that is geared toward healing traumas. There are some good therapeutic modalities out there. It would be a kindness to yourself.

Hi Gloria,
I was also transplanted in 2015. One thing that I found that has really helped me post-transplant is doing all I can to support the PSC community and pour my heart into helping others who are going through the same thing I went through. I was fortunate enough to meet my donor family a year to the day after my transplant and we have kept in touch ever since. This Saturday my family and I will be visiting our donors grave to lay flowers on this four year anniversary of his death as we celebrate the gift of life that his tragedy brought to our family. As a transplant patient, there is nothing that any of us could have done to prevent the person that we received our precious liver from from dying, nothing at all. The only thing we can do is live our lives to their fullest and be grateful every day for what that gift has done for our own life and the hearts and lives of those we hold so dear, our family.
I’m sorry that you have been suffering and this callous has formed over the years. I encourage you to share your story with those you meet in the course of life, even perhaps someone you don’t even know. Just sharing how blessed you are with a stranger may do something to bring hope to that persons life who may be struggling with a trial of their own. This past Saturday I was waiting for an oil change and just casually spoke to a young lady waiting to that this month will be the 4 year anniversary of my own liver transplant. We had just finished watching the Fox News story on Ed Henry’s donating a portion of his liver to save his sisters life. It gave me the opportunity to share my story and show that lady my dear donors photo. I think that would help with your PTSD like symptoms. I hope this helps in some way. Be assured we are here for you and are very thankful that you have had these 4 years.


PSC 2011 / Liver Transplant 7-23-2015

Thank you for your council, Mark. I will take it to heart.

‘A kindness to yourself.’ That sat with me… Thank you for your advice, Bob.