Question about brands of Vancomycin people are taking. I'm going on a two week sailing trip and cannot bring my Cutis Pharma liquid as it must be refrigerated and our small sailboat has no refrigeration... Needing to switch to pills for a few weeks

I’d so so rather not spend the $1,200. on ANI which I’d taken before as it will then throw me into the Medicare donut hole and cost me thousands this year.

What brand of pill form of Vanco do people take and what are the prices?

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Cutispharma liquid vanco will likely maintain most of its concentration at room temperatures over two weeks.

“Vancomycin…solutions stored at 25°C would maintain at least 90.0% of the initial concentration for 30 days (cups) or 26 days (bottles), with 95% confidence.”

Have fun on your trip!

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Thank you! If this is correct it would be most excellent!
However, I spoke to Cutis Pharma and they said it must be refrigerated so now I’m quite confused!!
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The drug comes in 2 vials, one with some liquid and one with the powder. The pharmacist mixes these together and then, this must be refrigerated. If your pharmacist allows you to take the vials before mixing then you will be safer. Otherwise get a Yeti cooler and keep it in that!

They told me it must be refrigerated BEFORE compounding.
I’ll check out Yeti coolers. Thank you!!!

Two weeks will most likely be totally fine (it should retain >90% potency in room temperature during that time). However, of course Cutis Pharma can’t say that since they don’t want to potentially be sued. :slight_smile:

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