Question for the ladies

Hi ladies! So those of you who still have their menstrual cycle-what do you do for cramping?

My daughter was on birth control that helped tremendously but soon learned its horrible for the liver. She can only take a little bit of Tylenol which lets be real-doesn’t do a thing!

She is open to any and all suggestions! Thanks!!

Consider the Nuvaring – much easier on the liver.

My sister swears by Pamprin. Its trifecta is the perfect combo for her severe cramps. I just stay on my celebrex 200mg twice daily I’m always on, and add ibuprofen 400mg twice daily if moderate to severe cramping.

I would encourage you to speak with your hepatologist about the use of Ibuprofin. It’s on the forbidden list by my doctors at Duke for PSC patients. With PSC you already have major issues, any form of NSAID is usually off-limits for patients with liver disease. Just a friendly suggestion.