Rejection after transplant

Does anyone have any experience with rejection after transplant? My husband was transplanted 2 weeks ago. At first all of his numbers stabilized and he was released from the hospital 5 days after transplant. After 3 days at home, his jaundice returned and his liver enzymes re-elevated to pre-transplant levels. He just spend 4 days in the hospital getting blasted with steroids and prograf, but it has not corrected his liver enzymes. They are going to test his levels again tomorrow and readmit him if they haven’t improved. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any knowledge/experiences would be greatly appreciated.

I hate that your hubby is having problems.


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Hello Mommymoses,
I do remember my partner having rejection issues post transplant. What I understood was that he was really, really sick before having his surgery and his body needed to reboot and reprogram. Which sounds ridiculous but there were several unexplainables in our journey (and we worked with one of the best transplant teams in the nation!?). All I can say is be faithful that all will work itself out.
Take care, Thinking of you,

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So glad your hubby was finally transplanted, but sorry to hear he’s not doing so well. I’m praying for a turn around in his recovery and complete rejuvenation for him.
Sending hugs,

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I wanted to update y’all and thank you for your prayers and concern. We had been brought in three times last week to check labs. Each time they told us that they may have to re-admit him for the “big guns”-iv meds to fight rejection. They explained that they “rarely” ever have to break these out.
They explained that he had a severe case of rejection. The pathologist put it at an 8/9 for severity bc of all of the indicators shown in the liver biopsy.

Each lab work this week came back a “tad” lower than before so we are moving in the right direction. Even though his numbers are 10 times normal things are looking better!

He was dealing with high blood sugar levels from the really high anti rejection meds(near 600 even on insulin so they added in a long-acting insulin and were concerned, levels have come down to 100-200 now)

whew- just immensely thankful…God is good and every prayer so far has been answered.

Very thankful Mommymoses that your husband’s numbers continue to better each day. And yes, we thank the Lord for being with him and your family during these trying days. May each day show forth a strengthening of the body as he gets used to this new liver, this precious gift of life!