Requesting Dr.Kenneth Cox contact info


Can someone forward Dr.Kenneth Cox contact info please? I am a father of a 5-year old boy diagnosed with wilson’s disease six months ago and currently on the way to be modified to psc/aih/ibd. wilson’s diagnosis was based on abnormal lft, high urine copper, high liver copper in biopsy, antibodies +ve. Even though my son got better physically with much improved energy levels but the lft and other markers didn’t normalize after 6 months of treatment. Apart from visible abdomen distention a bit, there are no other physical symptoms like fevers, chills, diarrhea etc but calprotectin levels were high. previous MRCP was abandoned as he couldn’t tolerate the sounds and one is scheduled for next week with anesthesia. I want to reach out to Dr.Kenneth Cox and get his feedback.


I tried calling the number listed below but its connecting to stanford hospital.

one of the member sent us Dr.Cox info and have reached out to him today. Hope we will hear soon. Thank you.

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For anyone interested, provides an email that I believe he is still using.