Rib pain (not under rib cage)

Not sure if this is something that is associated with doing a sit up slightly to aggressively, or related to a recent cholgitis attack, but my rib, not under, actual rib, about four ribs from the top hurts…almost like a got hit. No bruise or lump, just slight pain, a bit more pronounced when I push on it. Could it be associated with my liver swelling, or something PSC related? If anyone has had something along those lines, please let me know how your experiance was. Thanks.

I have this exact same pain. I brought it up to my heptologist and she said it’s unrelated and I shouldn’t be concerned. To me it seems like it would be related and O wonder if this similar to the RUQ pain people talk about on this forum? It almost feels like a pulled muscle, very slightly tender to the touch and In the exact same spot you mentioned. I was told not to worry about it, but of course I am worried it’s related.

Thanks for the reply…those slight discomforts we used to just shrug off definitely bring a little more attention now.

Best of luck and health.

I too have PSC, and I get these rib pains from time to time. I actually can get them on either side of my rib cage, so I don’t think it’s my liver swelling or anything. joint pain is common with PSC, so I attribute it to that.

For what it’s worth, I also get the pains in my neck, back, and sternum at times.

When my symptoms with PSC first started I had some blood work at the hospital, and the doctor said I had a magnesium deficiency, and he thought maybe that could be causing the joint pain. I have since taken a magnesium supplement daily, and it seems to have helped reduce the frequency of these pains.

Thanks for your post. Magnesium is a very beneficial supplement for PSC patients. It also helps with night-time cramps. I took 800 mg prior to transplant before bed each evening.


Thanks for the replies…I just ran out of magnesium…so that may be part of it…I was taking 500mg daily. I do notice the pain a little more when I workout, but it seems to have subsided a bit.

I am also in Michigan Steve…Grand Rapids…where are you at?


If you are shopping for a good magnesium, I’d highly recommend Magnesium Citrate. I use a site where you get 200 capsules in a bottle and then you get 2 bottles free for a total of 3 bottles. The Citrate form of magnesium absorbs better than the Oxide formulation. You might find this link helpful.


Hi dear I had the same pain and that’s why I went to see a doctor and got me to where I am now still in the process of diagnosis but severe colitis stopped me from getting ERCP and colonoscopy but MRCP is suspiscious and liver biopsy shows fibrosis . It might be gal bladder as well. But doctors don’t know what exactly is causing the pain that keeps coming on and off.

Thanks Sami…what do you mean by suspicious…of PSC, or gallbladder dysfunction?

Well normally they can see PSC from MRCP but in my case they couldn’t figure it out they said I need to have ERCP but I ended up having colitis and got hospitalized all week last week.hoping to get it done next week . This rib pain you are experiencing I have it all the time. Sometime gallbladder doesn’t have stones but it’s not functioning well and causes rib pain . I have to get HIDA scan to monitor gallblader function but I’m avoiding it since I have had 4 CT scans with and without contrast for the past 2 years. The pain is a dull pain around my 4th/5th rib on the right side . I have seen so many doctors and all stated this pain can not be from an enlarged liver .