Sphinterotomy and blood loss

My son recently had an ERCP with sphinterotomy and two days later ended up in the hospital with Apparent blood loss. He presented white as a ghost, fatigued and a black stool. Upon blood tests his Hemoglobin and Hematocrit were very low. His iron levels were also low. He received two units of blood. Has anyone else had this happen? How were you treated?


I had the exact same thing happen during an ERCP. Was good as gold after the transfusion, arguably better than I was prior to the original ERCP.

This was during the first ERCP i had 15+ years ago. No issue on future ERCPs.

I dont want to say it’s common but certainly not unheard of.


So long story short, our local hospital did an upper Endoscopy (two days after original ERCP at Mayo) looking for a bleed in the upper GI because he had been taking Motrin for 4 months because of severe hip pain that turned out to be Osteosarcoma of hip. They saw nothing on 2nd ERCP that indicated blood loss. They even had him swallow a camera that took 60,000 photos and saw nothing. I think the bleeding was from original ERCP with sphinterotomy two days earlier. The bleed resolved after 2 units of blood, but I am concerned that his original sphinterotomy may scar causing decreased bile flow again

What do you think?

Sorry Phillip had a rough turn on these recent ERCP’s. I think being on Motrin for 4 solid months may have made him more susceptible to a bleed. That is a risk with ERCP although as Eric stated we wouldn’t say it is common. I would encourage him to discontinue any form of NSAID’s with liver disease. It is especially not good for the liver in its diseased state. My hepatologists always have indicated I could take Tylenol no more than 3,000 mg a day for any pain related issues.
Not sure about the scarring due to the bleed. It’s going to bead again due to the PSC disease at some point for sure so whether it’s from the bleeding or the disease will probably not make much difference in the long run. I hope though he doesn’t have to have another one for quite a long time.
By the way, I appreciate the posting you put from his brother recently on Phillips condition, etc. You can tell he loves his brother. Take care and be assured of our concern and prayers for you all.


More recently, I had my hemoglobin drop to the 50s. We scoped and imagined everything, yet were unable to find a bleed.

Transfusion and iron infusions got me back on track.

Sometimes they just cant find them, unfortunately.