Stelara may be elevating Alk Phos

Has anyone had experience with Stelara elevating their liver enzyme levels? I am taking it for my UC but am concerned that it may be worsening my lab results. I went from an ALP around 195 roughly one month after my second dose after starting Stelara to around 115 at week 8, right before my next scheduled shot.

From what I’ve seen in the literature it is generally regarded as safe for those with liver injury. It can result in raised liver tests in a small number of patients, but it generally seems to stabilize after the first few doses. There are, however, a few case reports of patients (may have been psoriasis patients) discontinuing Stelara due to liver concerns and having their labs normalize in a few months. Has anyone here had experiences with Stelara, either positive or negative?

I’m taking Stelara for Crohn’s. I’ve not seen any link (that I can tell!) between Stelara and my liver numbers.

I have known about my PSC for 5 years. My labs fluctuate some but doesn’t seem related to Stelara which I have been on for 3 years for Crohn’s. I do feel Stelera has helped stabilize my Crohn’s.

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