Stomach bug

This past 2 weeks I have just not felt right. It felt like something going on in my stomach that should not. My doctor took blood samples. He phoned me days later and said that my bloods were not good and to go back in 2 weeks later which is next week. He thinks it may be just a stomach bug. My itching started to come back for the first time since diagnosis so was a bit worried. I have now been put on antibiotics and my liver clinic has been brought forward from Nov to Sept. There is a bug going about and I was warned it would hit me harder than most. I used to be the kind of person who would just tough these things out. I always felt I was just bothering doctors for nothing. I do realise that it is important to phone the liver clinic ( not my GP) first and asap if I feel there is a problem. Hopefully my next set of blood tests will be back to normal.

You said you had stomach bug.Did you have diarrhea.I have been have diarrhea on and off lately.

Hi there. I did have very bad diarreha.

Definitely went through the same symptoms you described. Not feeling right. Went to the doctor. Said my blood work wasn’t serious for a PSC patient. Experienced a lot of diarrhea. Nausea. Some vomiting. Feeling better today. Seems like it doesn’t take much to cause me to get pretty sick. Thanks gmfor the posts. Appreciate it