Texas Liver Institute

Greetings everyone, I currently live in NW Florida, the Panhandle, and am at least five hours away from a liver transplant center, either Birmingham, AL at UAB or Jacksonville, FL at the Mayo Clinic. I was diagnosed in 2016 and am now 57 years old. My symptoms and liver enzyme levels have increased, so I am now thinking about where to move. I hope to move to Austin, TX in a little over three years, and I wonder if anyone has anything to report about the Texas Liver Institute and the possibility of transplants in San Antonio, TX. My MELD score isn’t high enough for me to be on the transplant list, yet. Thanks!

One source of excellent information on choosing a transplant center is Mariel Carr. Her web site is http://www.comparetransplantcenters.com/testimonials.html. Hope this helps. When you get the call and you are still five hours away that is not an impossible time frame to work with. It’s not the best having to travel by car and feeling so bad but they should be able to still work with that. I got my call around 11:45 am on a Wednesday morning and did not actually go down for surgery till 10:30 that same night. Over 12 hours. Just something to consider. It is of course better for regular appointments, etc. Good luck!


Thank you, Mark! I am managing my symptom with cipro., and I will be seeing my hepatologist at UAB next June. My family doctor is keeping tabs on my liver enzymes and the rest of the blood work for me.

Is that website down right now? Couldn’t figure out how to get those information. Do I have to pay to get that?