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Transplant Anniversary

Very thankful to be able to celebrate the 4-year anniversary of my liver transplant 7-23-2015. I would not be here today without that life-saving transplant. I was thankful to have the privilege this past weekend to meet two of my donors siblings when I was at the cemetery to lay flowers on his grave. I appreciated the time we had together. May we who have been given this gift of life freely pour out to others suffering with this awful disease words of encouragement and help. May we all live life to its fullest with hope today for a bright tomorrow! Here are a few photos I just wanted to share with the group. Thanks for all your support.

PSC 2011 / Liver Transplant 2015



Thanks so much for sharing, Mark. So encouraging to us all.


Congratulations, Mark, on this important anniversary!
And thank you for providing help and guidance on this site. I have taken your advice to heart many times, in replies to my posts and to others.
And thanks to your donor and his family, for being open, forward thinking, and extremely generous.
All the best to you in days to come!

Thank you Mark for all the encouragement and the support on this Website!
All the best to you!

Thankyou for sharing. You are an inspiration to us.

Thank you Mark for sharing. We appreciate the hope and I truly pray to see the day that disease can be cured.

Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing.