Transplant evaluation advice

Hello, I should be receiving a call soon to schedule an appointment for a week-long transplant evaluation. Would anyone share any advice that they might have from their experience with this? With my physical limitations from my paraplegia, I am concerned about some of the physical aspects, especially. The hepatologist that we met with this past week suggested that I should be prepared for some resistance from a couple of the surgeons because of post-transplant “healing challenges” of a couple of paraplegic transplant recipients. One of my friends that was accompanying me asked what that meant exactly? The doctor replied that, “Well, they both died.”. I would have to agree that is a challenge to healing. lol… Anyway, I intend to be as strong and committed as possible going in, but would sure appreciate any feedback on the evaluation as well as immediately after transplant.

Thank you in advance,

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Doug, I’m surprised the evaluation would be a week long. Mine was a day and a half.
Did you get it scheduled?

With the patient transports coming, you will probably get tired getting from the bed to the transport; have the guy/gal know that they will need to help. It may take a nurse as well(I don’t know). You may need to have your wheelchair taken with you.

At each test, let the folks there know what you need for assistance. Don’t be bashful.


Hi Jeff. Thank you for your comments. The first two days, with the bulk of the physical testing are in the bag. Also, the initial social worker interview. That was the most challenging so far. Next week involves two days. Surgical consultation, anesthesia consult, and four hour transplant class. And a few more physical tests.

The stress test that I was concerned about was done with imaging and radioactive drugs. Interesting!

I don’t know anything about patient transports…?

I appreciate your interest. I’m working as hard as I can and will keep pushing. Expecting resistance from the surgeons, but we’ll see.