Transvenous (through the neck) liver biopsy

I’ll tell you how mine went. It was an out-patient procedure in a hospital & required a driver to take me home. I wore my sox & gown only. I was hooked up to an IV, & my blood was taken. I was wheeled into the procedure room. I was on my back & told to turn my head to the left (it can be done on either side). Then my neck/head was draped like a tent. My neck was soaked with an antiseptic. After it dried, my neck was soaked with a numbing solution. I was given something in my IV to cause a conscious sedation. It didn’t work (my blood pressure dropped too low to give very much). So, I was wide awake for the procedure. It felt like someone was just touching my neck–no pain whatsoever. The actual procedure lasted about 1/2 hr. Afterwards, a compression dressing was applied & I was instructed that it was OK to shower but not to remove the dressing. It fell off the next morning so I applied a band-aid. It appeared there was 1 or 2 absorbable sutures. This was about a month ago & the tiny scar is still visible. I had no complications. My biopsy did not get a sample of the possible PSC area so the results were negative, even though the MRI & other tests prove I have PSC. It did show that I don’t have any cirrhosis at this time. It sounds like a scary procedure but it really wasn’t.

Thank you for sharing this MerryWhiteRose!

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