Understanding PSC

Since being diagnosed with PSC in September, 2011, I have gone from having severe itching to no itching at all. My itching stopped about 4 weeks ago, but now I am experiencing non stop discomfort in my stomach. My stomach always feels and looks bloated. Is this feeling typical for PSC patients? I had a MRCP done this past Wednesday, still waiting for the results.

Hey Len. I had really severe itching about 4 years ago, which is actually why I went to the doctor and eventually got diagnosed with PSC (after many trials and errors). My itching didn't go away until I got on some medications. Was that the same for you?

As far as the stomach looking bloated, I have the same issue. I'm actually very fit and thin, so people always make comments about me having a "beer belly" or "putting on some weight", but I feel like my stomach must look relatively very odd. As far as I understand it from my doctor, it's a result of the liver, spleen, etc being inflamed and enlarged from the disease. I've always felt stomach discomfort and it feels like these inflamed organs are pushing on everything else in the GI system. I'm no doctor, but that's just what it feels like to me. Hope others can provide you some insights, too.

J Soocer, thanks for your response...I was on Questran for the itching, but since the itching has gone away, I stopped taking it. The abdominal pain discomfort and bloated feelings are my main source of concern now. I am also thinking about switching doctors because my current doctors responsiveness or lack thereof is becoming an issue for me. Had MRCP done last Wednesday, called office on Friday and was told results were in but still no call letting me know what is going on. Have you our anyone else had to change doctors?