Had my annual Colonoscopy on the 4th of January. Well to be more accurate I’m supposed to have had one each year but the Doc reminded me it had been 5 years since my last one. Now how could I let a colonoscopy slide? :wink:

Good news. No signs of polyps or of any irritation in the colon, so in other words, my colon is in it’s best shape since the early 90’s!

PSC still hasn’t hit me too hard yet either. My liver functions seem to be pretty normal right now so hoping my body fends off this disease much like Ulcerative Colitis.


Perhaps you have cured it. Do you work on your diet? I do believe it can be cured.

Mona - Actually I haven’t done anything special other than positive thinking. I just tell myself each day how lucky I am to have something I can battle through, and how I have the ability to have a pretty normal life. Using the same approach with the PSC. I too believe we have the ability to cure ourselves from within, and look forward to being able to say 25 years from now that I’m still winning the battle :wink:

I AGREE. I've come a very long way. I wasn't able to stand long enough to brush my teeth, I couldn't drive or speak because I couldn't hold a thought in 2009. Now, I am amazing. I have not had a transplant. Keep up the fight and the positive thinking.

Oh, by the way just got done with my annual Colonoscopy again (Wednesday) and all looks good as far as the Ulcerative Colitis. No sign of the disease in my colon and no unusual polyps discovered either. Don’t want to say I’ve beat the UC, but it has been in remission for over 10 years now. Hoping I can do the same with the PSC :slight_smile: Positive thinking :slight_smile: