Urgent Care vs Emergency Room Cholangitis

Experiencing pain in lower right Abdomen and classic PSC symptoms for about a week. Started Cipro after fever, chills and pretty strong pain in evening/night. Have about a day or two left on Cipro but have not seen any improvement (jaundice showing in eyes and bili is high) Planning to go to ER last day of Cipro if nothing improves but has anyone gone to Urgent Care instead? Any insight would be helpful. Currently in between Docs bc of move.

Hi @GlasshalfFULL! I was just having this conversation with my husband over the weekend. Urgent care is more convenient, certainly. If it’s something simple that doesn’t require further testing, then it’s appropriate. But if you’re looking at probably needing further testing, whether imaging or stat blood work, go to the ER. I know that it’s a hassle, and more money, but I’m thinking that’s what you likely will ultimately need. Best of luck!

Sharon from Mod Support

It sounds like you need ERCP intervention. Contact your hepatologist ASAP. They may want to do MRCP imaging as well.

Mark Wilson, Moderator

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From my experience even smaller ERs struggle to appropriately address bacterial cholangitis as this is something they rarely if ever see. I would strongly recommend heading to a larger ER, preferably one associated with a teaching hospital or transplant unit, even if this means a longer trip.

Yes Mark is correct those to exams will give you a good start to get you the help you need.
My husband went to Mayo Clonic in Minnesota, they are experts dealing with PSC!
They saved my husband’s life!

Best of luck,
Linda wife of a PSC patient

I would not go to an urgent care place. An ER, hopefully at a larger hospital and one with a transplant clinic (if that was too much to ask!)