Urso dosage

For those that are on urso, I’ d like to know what dosage you are taking. I can see from previous posts that a few people are on 500mg per day.

I was on 900mg per day (15mg/kg) and, for the first time in 18 months, my liver function tests normalised (apart from GGT/YGT). This was two months after a stent was put in and later removed by ECRP and one month after taking Urso.

My Dr has reduced my dosage to 600mg per day (10mg/kg) and we will do LFTs in a month’s time. Just wondering how far we should push it based on other people’s experiences.

This group is absolutely amazing by the way! I’ve been reading posts for the past couple of months but just became a member last night. It’s even better as a member. Thanks for all the administrators, moderators and donors.

Emma, I am on 500 mg, twice a day, and have been told that being on urso will be a life-long thing.

Glad your lfts are good.

Hi Emma,
I was on 1200 mg a day and was on that dosage for 4 years leading up to transplant. Am currently not on it.


Thanks Jeff. Yes, I just about fell off my chair when I saw the almost normal results. Will update the post if I end up on a lower dose.

Thanks Mark. You and Jeff are doing an outstanding job on this group. Highly appreciated.

I am on 900mg/day. Makes my life livable.

I’m on 500mg, twice a day for 3 years now. Keeping my LFT’s normal.

I take 300mg 3x day, so 900mg. Lfts normal, but not sure if it’s the Urso or not, because my lfts have rarely fluctuated over the years when I was not on Urso.

I’m on 600mg, pretty sure it’s doing nothing on LFTs. Not sure what else it’s doing, but obviously it’s doing no harm. That’s why I keep taking it.

Thanks Derek. I’ve read your personal story and appreciate your feedback. I like your hobbies! I’m 99% sure its normalised my LFTs but am happy to go through a bit of experimentation to get the right dosage.

Thanks everyone for your response. I’ll play around with the dosage and let you know if it has any impact on my LFTs. I actually dreamt about Vancomycin last night. Am finding out so much information from this group!

Hi, I have been on 600mg. daily of Urso since I was diagnosed in 2010. So far all my liver numbers have been perfectly normal…every time I visit my liver specialist he ask if I want to continue taking the medication, I always say yes. It seems as though he’s not sure if the Urso does any good…but I believe that it does, so I will keep taking it until something comes out that is proven to be better…wish you good health…Dave

Thanks Dave. I had abnormal tests for 18 months before urso and I’m hoping that 600mg has the same effect as 900mg. Will let you know in September after my next blood tests. I’m very happy to hear that you have normal liver function tests.

I am taking high dose of 1500mg daily. For me that has helped keep levels down and symptoms down. Have been on this for many years now. Tried to decrease dose in the past but bilirubin started to climb so back on this dosage.

Hi, I just got my blood work done and my platelets are high at 550. Last month I was on urso 900mg per day and all test results were normal except GGT. We reduced my dosage to 600mg and my my LFTs are a little high. However, now I also have a high platelet count at 550 for the first time. I’ve started a new discussion on high platelet count as I’m looking for advice or information.

I have just had my 6 monthly with my hepto. I was placed on 1250mg a day (half morning and half night). My hepto was very adament that this was a low dose and is very reliant on weight. I am 108kg.

Anyway life got hold of me and I stopped taking my morning pills so was actually only on 750mg once a day. Turns out all my markers are all back in the normal range.

So he gave me the choice, either go back onto the full dosage or stop for 3 months and see what happens.

For the sake of the members of this page I decided to be a lab rat (only joking) and see what happens no being on it. If they go back up at least I know that for my body urso is working and I must stay on it.

Mark, if you are reading this the hepto was very complimentary about the lack of progression in me and while I have my third mrcp booked for November and I am now on 6 weekly bloods while we test the urso theory he was hopeful that I have either a slow or hopefuly dormant variety of this little beasty. Hopefully old age or a bus takes me before this girl will.


Thanks for the post. I’m fully with you on this. Since you are under the blessings of your hepatologist in this test as a lab rat of sorts, he’s carefully watching everything. Maybe you will stumble on the cure for PSC or something! Good luck on your trials!


That’s interesting. Good luck, it sounds quite positive!

This month my liver enzymes were slightly elevated and the platelet count high. My GP is not worried at all and said to stay on the lower dose of 600mg per day. He noted that my CRP and eosinophils are decreasing which seems to be a good sign. Goodness knows what it all means but when my GP says I’m well I feel well.