Vanco and Covid Vaccine

Hey everyone, I had a liver transplant 4 years ago and since then I’ve gone back and forth with battling colitis and cdiff infections. Even when cdiff is negative the only thing that works and helps my colitis is vancomycin. Has anyone else had these issues or been on long term vancomycin? Also, how’s everyone doing with covid vaccines for transplant patients? Thanks hope everyone is well.

Hi. Sorry to hear you’ve been having colitis and cdiff infections. That’s certainly not an enjoyable experience. I trust things will improve for you though. I have read of pretransplant patients being on Vancomycian long term, I’m not familiar with it post-transplant although I’m glad it’s helping your situation. I hope you continue to get favorable results.
The issue with the Covid vaccines for transplant patients is a sticky point and I can’t say there’s one right answer. I know my transplant team at Duke has been asking us, transplant patients, to get the vaccine, but I am still very concerned about the unknown long-term potential effects it might have so I have decided not to get the vaccine. I think it’s a personal choice that we all will have to make at some point. I don’t want to inject anything into me that might hurt my precious gift of life in my new liver. Next Friday will be 6 years for me. Take care and I wish you improved health and a full life ahead!

PSC 2011 / Liver Transplant 2015

Thanks for the response! I have not got the vaccine either but I did test positive in November and handled it fine. I still can’t smell very good and taste is hit or miss but other than that I was fine. I am concerned about taking it myself I was just kind of banking on everyone around me getting it so I didn’t have to. Thanks again for the response on vancomycin just wondering if there were others out there like me that I could bounce ideas off of.

Hi Freddy! You’ve come to the right forum, there’s many threads about vanco here! A lot of us here (including myself) are taking vanco and it has been used against PSC since the 90’s. :slightly_smiling_face: