Vancomycin Brand question for JTB and others vanco users

Hey JTB,

I know you have a lot of experience so I throw this question to you, but happy to hear from others. My daughter has been on the Akorn brand of vanco for about 3 years now to great success. Unfortunately in our area Akorn is now on back order for at least a month maybe more. So I need to switch to another brand. Any suggestions, ANI is available. Any other brands to look for that seem effective. From my talks with other PSC patients it seems the effectiveness of different brands varies significantly. I hate to have to change brands when she has responded so well to Akorn. As an update my daughter is now 7 years old (diagnosed at 4 with psc and colitis) with normal lfts and her colitis is in remission as well. Vanco has been a miracle for our family. Thanks in advance.

Go for the Ani. Ani bought the rights to the original formula of vancomycin, aka Vancocin, a couple years ago and distribute the same pills as both name-brand Vancocin and as a generic. If your insurance is like most insurance, make sure your pharmacist is ordering the generics vs. name brand. Here are the NDCs for the generics:

125mg pills - 62559-390-20
250mg pills - 62559-391-20

Some patients, like your daughter, seem to have no problem with the other pill form generics, while other patients, myself included, don’t respond as well to these generics when compared to Vancocin. Sourcing Ani is a safe bet in either case.

It’s great to hear she is doing so well!

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Thanks JTB. ANI it will be then! Hope all is well on your end.