Vancomycin Brand Question

Hi all, my husband has been on oral vanco (IV compound) for over a year and has been doing very well. Insurance decided they were no longer going to cover the cost, and forced us to switch to Firvanq compounding kit, formally cutis compounding kit. Within a month of being on this new formulation his values doubled and symptoms started returning. Has any one else struggled with brand sensitivity?

I’m sorry your husband is not doing well on the generic Vanco. One suggestion I would make. Have his doctor do a “peer-to-peer” call with the insurance company. He can state to the insurance company the reasons he needs to stay on the brand name and appeal in his behalf. I’ve had this done numerous times and the insurance company has always yielded to the doctor, at least with BlueCross. Hope this helps.


Yes there absolutely is brand sensitivity. The one that performs that best is Ani brand. It has to do with when the capsules dissolve in your system and ani does this in the best part (per Dr Cox). Absolutely worth seeing if your I aura ce would cover that. Good luck

My son also was switched to Firvanq, but we have not had any issues.