Vancomycin Then High Potency Probiotic?

My son is 18 and was just diagnosed with mild/moderate UC and the start of PSC (ALT 211, AST 88 & ALP 273). In my research endeavors, I see some science backing the use of Vancomycin. Has anyone tried a given period and dosage of Vancomycin followed by a potent probiotic to reset the flora? Thank you!

I think your question is basically whether VSL#3 or Visbiome 900b helps for UC and/or PSC.

Those seem helpful for UC (i have successfully used VSL for years to keep UC in check, and psc liver test values have always been ok).

No real evidence of them helping against PSC based on the limited studies so far.

Oral Vancomycin has been found helpful in both UC and PSC), especially for children.

Thank you Ted!

VSL#3 is no longer, the name of the probiotic is VISBIOME made by ExeGi Pharma. The formula is now owned by ExeGi Pharma. Big lawsuit that was won by the owner of the formula.

I have a lot of information that I can email to you. send me an email if you want it:
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AGREE!! I have a paper with Stanford and Mayo that was just accepted for publication on vancomycin. Should be able to share it within a week.

Yes, I have the Visbiome formula that was used in the studies. My son is taking one 450B CFU packet per day. His gastro doc was okay with him using it but gave no guidance on dosage so I am following the general guidelines set out by the manufacturer. Yes, I see more studies being done that support the bacterial/viral connection between the gut and liver. I would be anxious to see the Stanford and Mayo paper you speak of.
My thoughts were perhaps a round of Vancomycin followed by Visbiome to quell the overgrowth of bad bacteria and replace/encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria to regain homeostasis.

I have also been researching fecal transplantation and find encouraging papers.
Wondering if anyone has tried it and what the outcome was.

Ted, what dosage of Visbiome are you taking daily?

I was using VSL#3 until it was discontinued (replaced by same formula under the name Visbiome). I have the max (prescription strength bags ie 900 billion bacteria per packet).

Typically I intended to use half pack per day (ie 450B) but this varied. If things were looking good I reduced dosage a bit etc. But recently I had some minor UC issues so I increased dosage to 1 bag per day (no issues anymore)

I use it with wild blueberries. I have read few research papers showing that certain superfoods (such as blueberry) used together with VSL have significant boost to the efficiency. I believe this too (and in any case, I like blueberries so no harm).

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Thank you! The blueberries are a great idea and easily accomplished.

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Hi There,

I’ll currently in remission having being diagnosed with the above to. I’d highly recommend a strong probiotic like a 50 billion . I’d also recommend you try brewing your own water kefir (probiotic) and take a herb called boswellia . This worked for me to get remission . I am 100 per cent sure this is caused my bad gut bacteria. Many studies have shown this and I believe my was caused from drinking lots of milk which has been shown to cause IBD.

Best of luck,

Thank you for your response John. I am glad to hear you are in remission!