What to expect in Routine Care of PSC - Videos

I came across these two videos of a presentation to PSC patients in the UK. I think especially our new PSC patients will find this information useful.

Overview of PSC and what to expect in routine care - Prof Gideon Hirschfield 2016 presentation to patients. http://bit.ly/2fLmi5F




Thanks so much for the link to these videos. Very informative and a good source of education.

Take care,
Bill kamer

Thanks Mark for link to the videos. Those 2 videos were loaded with information and also gives us a lot of hope that there are some potential new treatments in the works. Very exciting, cheers friend.

Glad to know that they were useful to you. I’m here for you as I have walked in your shoes and know as we all do the struggles of a life with PSC. There is hope and we must live our lives to their fullest as we struggle on in our different stages with this horrendous disease.

PSC 2011 / Liver Transplant 7-2015

Thank you for sharing the videos. After a year of reading multiple articles, these videos helped put it all together.

Ike, Glad they were helpful. Let us know if there’s anything we can do if you need any information or other information about PSC you might have questions about. Always remember there is hope amidst such difficulties!

PSC 2011 / Liver Transplant 2015

Thanks for sharing the link Mark. I saw these videos when they were first posted up and were very informative for me. Gideon Hirschfield is one of leading researchers in the field of psc here in the U.K. and there are no shortage of hepatologists who are determined to find a solution to PSC. My hospital is the Royal Free in London and they have a weekly meetings of hepatologists purely on the subject of PSC.

Glad to do so. I really benefited from them myself.